Contest is over and the jury is out

Now we count the days until the 16th Film Front, and meanwhile breaking new records. Over a thousand films arrived on the Festival address. Selector, film and theater director Filip Markovinović, now needs to review all subbmissions and divide them into two competitive categories.
"We’ve had enteris form all continents except Antarctica, and most films are are from the Croatia, 97 for now. I have to point out a noticeable increase in film applications from the region, as well as their better quality, compared to past editions of the Festival. In this regard, we welcome the efforts of the Film Center of Serbia, Croatian audio-visual center and the Macedonian film agencies whose work is seen and reflected through an increase in the quality of short film production. As for the rest of the world as in previous years, the most numerous are the films from Spain, France, Germany and Iran," says te Festival selector, Filip Markovinović.
The short films, produced in Serbia and the region, mainly a fiction and then the animated, documentary and experimental character, form the basis of the Festival. Hence, the primarily mission of Film Front festival is the affirmation of domestic film-making, as well as the assay where it is located in relation to the region, and then in compared to global trends.
"Every year the Film Front quality is indorsed by the number of submitted films from Serbia and the region as a sign that the festival is now really recognized by the authors. Consequently, a significant increase of the quality of films that are subbmited is also a postive feedback for us," says festival director, Nina Latinović.
16th International Short Film Festival "Film Front" will be held from 25th to 28th of October in the cinema hall of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad, under the slogan "Short ’n’ sweet!". Film Front is full of high-quality supporting program in the form of film workshops for children, socializing in Clubs and many other interesting activities, each year.

Deriving from the need, especially of the audience, but also students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, "Vojvodina festival of film and video" was created in the year of 2003. Very soon, the Festival grew into Film Front Festival, which had an international character.
However, some things never changed, the core of the festival remains the same still nurturing and affirming the author artistic expression, experimentation, professionalism and enthusiasm, as well as the traditional film form. Small, intimate festival, with a steady and faithful audience from year to year only grew and the number of professional production of short films from around the world displayed in the International Selection are the testimony.
The Film Front is also the front window to the world of short film in Serbia and the region and one of the last bastions of film art Novi Sad.
Behind the Festival is Kino klub Novi Sad. Young people of Kino Klub Novi Sad, whose production has been a part of hundreds of short documentary, fiction, animated and experimental films and three feature films continue to believe that the author film has a loyal audience in Novi Sad.
The festival is now traditionally held the last weekend in October at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad and admission to all festival days is free.
The call for submissions usually opens in June and lasts until mid September. Film Front welcomes fiction, experimental, documentary and animated shorts. The films must be up to 30 minutes in length, and must be produced during the current year, or the year before. Winner of the Serbia/region selection is chosen by the professional jury, whereas the audience votes for the winner of International selection.